WATCH: Suki Waterhouse Steals Lily Collins’ Man In Their New Movie Trailer

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It appears that model besties Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse have made a pact to fine-tune their acting résumés for the remainder of 2014. While Delevingne is keeping herself busy with a role in Pan, Waterhouse is soon to commence a publicity tour for her upcoming movie Love, Rosie.

According to the flick’s just-released trailer, Waterhouse does not play the title character of Rosie—she's played by fellow bushy-browed Lucky favorite Lily Collins. The teaser’s first half, in which Waterhouse is notably absent, summarizes 10-plus years of friendly romantic tension between Rosie (Collins) and her love interest Alex, played by The Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin.

It’s more or less an iteration of the age-old Will They or Won’t They? plot line, until—boom!—Rosie gets pregnant. Didn’t see that coming, did ya? Waterhouse then makes her well-timed entrance as Bethany, a socialite whom Rosie has known for years—and Claflin’s character promptly proposes to her.

The trailer makes the movie, out in October, look like quite a good time—thanks in large part to its setting. “It’s set in 2002, so we’re wearing crop tops and flared jeans, so it’s all quite Britney [Spears], which was really fun,” Waterhouse told Grazia Daily. “I’d love to do another film. Fingers crossed!”

For extraordinary early-2000s eyebrows, fringe and makeouts, watch Love, Rosie’s trailer below:

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