Make All Your Summer Dresses Work For Fall With These Three Easy Tricks

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There's nothing more tragic than only getting to wear your amazing new sundress once or twice before the temperatures drop.

Click through to learn how to give your summer dresses a new lease on life well into the fall!

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It was only two months ago that I was on the hunt for the perfect summer sundress—and while I was eventually successful in my search, I've only gotten to wear the dress two or three times this summer. There's always next year, of course, but rather than leaving my newest addition to gather dust in the back of my closet for the next nine months, I'm determined to prolong its lifespan far into the fall, and perhaps even the winter—though that may be wishful thinking.

I'm sure that I'm not alone in this struggle—think about how often you lust after that special something, only to get just a handful of wears in before a shift in seasons. So if you, like me, face this painful struggle, click through the above slideshow to see how you can give your summer sundresses a new lease on life well into the fall!

Lucky Style Collective: Holding On To The Last Days Of Summer

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