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There's nothing more tragic than only getting to wear your amazing new sundress once or twice before the temperatures drop.

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Add some legwear.
For those crisp, early autumn mornings, something as simple as wearing a pair of tights or knee-high socks will do the trick to make your favorite dress seasonally appropriate. The key here is to opt for complementary colors and patterns, and to bust out the appropriate footwear, be it a pair of sneakers or some boots.
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A pair of textured, opaque tights and leather boots give this sundress a rustic feel that's perfect for the fall.
A thigh-high sock can be worn high, low, or somewhere in between for one of those #IWokeUpLikeThis kind of effortlessly cool looks.
Another legwear option (and perhaps one of my favorites, particularly on chillier days!) would be a pair of leggings. They're slightly sturdier than stockings, so they'll last way longer.
Pile on the layers.
A lightweight ribbed shirt underneath or a chunky knit sweater on top will keep you nice and toasty as the temperatures start to drop. Personally, I'm partial to the latter option—the sweater layer gives you the look of a skirt, and an entirely new item in your wardrobe!
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A look like this is a touch on the edgier side, yet still refined. Plus, it's office-appropriate, at least for a more casual crowd. Top off the outfit with a standout pair of pointed-toe black loafers.
Sleeveless shirtdresses are a summer staple for many, myself included. One option is to swap these out for long-sleeved shirtdresses come fall, but I prefer throwing on a fitted sweater instead—an easy and classic update.
There's something so cozy about oversized button-up cardigans, isn't there? Throw one over a t-shirt dress and finish the look with a skinny belt around the waist.
Invest in some super-high boots.

When questionably styled, thigh-high boots can come off as pretty cheesy—but they're actually quite practical for fall. If you're still not feeling adventurous enough to try them out, knee-high boots can also fit the bill.

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The combination of a flat heel and minidress is sexy without showing too much skin.
A boho tunic dress and tall riding boots is our new go-to combo for fall.
You absolutely can wear heeled thigh-highs without looking like a floozy! The key is to opt for a thicker heel and to pair the shoes with a fairly  loose-fitting dress or skirt—nothing body-con.