10 Style Tips We Snagged From The O.C.'s Summer Roberts

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Marissa Cooper may have had all the Chanel, but Summer had all the fun. Click through for our top 10 fashion take-homes from The O.C.'s fiercest, most fearless resident.

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When The O.C. first premiered 11 years ago today (!), it seemed like Rachel Bilson might be relegated to the sidekick role, with Mischa Barton taking center stage as golden girl Marissa Cooper. But flash forward a few seasons, and Summer Roberts was the fireball character we were all rooting for—and not just because of Coop's tragic demise. Sure, she could be prickly, princess-y, and a tad soap opera-obsessed (pot, kettle, we know, we know), but she was also a ride-or-die friend and the kind of girl that stuck up for herself and the people she loved no matter what.

Also, there were her clothes. Summer started out as an archetypal rich kid of 2003, with a wardrobe stuffed full of terrycloth tracksuits, Louis Vuitton pochettes and designer bikinis, but as the show evolved, so did her character, leaning more towards bohemian layering and less conventional styles (which Barton may have had something to do with). So in celebration of Summer and the show's anniversary, press play on some Phantom Planet and click through the slideshow above for some of her best style tips.

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