The No-Guilt Guide To Finding Fall Essentials At A Summer Sale

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1. Lightweight Skirts

Linen, silk and cotton skirts are a no-brainer when it's hot: just throw one on with a crop top or tucked-in tee, and—voilà—you're done! To flip the formula to fall, though, you'll need to swap the summer shirt for a thick, textured sweater. Shoe-wise, stick with sandals (open or closed-toe) until mid-September, and then switch to boots (Pro tip: The shorter the hemline, the higher your footwear can go—it's a sneaky way to stay warm in a mini!)

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End-of-season sale shopping turns you into a morally confused cartoon character. On one shoulder appears a mini devil, waving his pitchfork at the discounted prices on the computer screen: "It's all so cheap! Order everything! All the things!" Meanwhile a little angel leans toward your opposite ear and whispers that autumn's around the corner. Do you really want to dip into your budget before the seasons change?

Sound familiar? Then you need to focus your deal hunting on the five types of transitional items in the slideshow above. While technically from spring and summer collections, these pieces are versatile enough to buy now, wear now and wear later—and in some cases, straight through winter! To prove it, I've also included simple styling tips for making each one work in both warm and cool weather, so there's no chance of buyer's remorse. Click through to get your discount jollies without any guilt.

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