Summer Sale Edit: 21 Great Finds For Every Budget

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The Budget: Under $50

Sizes Left: S,M,L

Perhaps the only thing better than a regular denim jacket is oversized one ripped and tattered to perfection.

Click through to shop additional $50 sale finds—and discounted pieces for six more budgets.

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Associate Digital Editor

Whether your Friday's going good, bad or just okay, the 21 irresistible sale items in the slideshow above are about to make it one hundred times more fun. Even better, because a discount doesn't necessarily equal affordable (half off $1,500 doth not a bargain make), I've categorized my findings by budget—from under $50 all the way to $1,000 and beyond (Holy Hannah, can you even imagine how much those things originally cost?!)—so you needn't bother with what's outside yours. Click through to start the weekend off on a high note.

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