Shop The Many, Many Looks Of Taylor Swift's New 'Shake It Off' Video

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One girl, four minutes, 10 costumes. Click through to see and shop the many looks of Taylor Swift's new "Shake It Off" music video!

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After weeks of posting tantalizing hints on social media, Taylor Swift finally announced that she's not only releasing a new album this fall, but that it will be her first-ever pop record. She also debuted her first single from the mix, "Shake It Off," an catchy anthem about letting the players play, haters hate and getting on with your life. It sets an excellent tone for what we can expect from this new—maybe not improved, but equally good—Tay-Tay. It's fun, upbeat and shows us a side of the singer we've never seen before. In fact, it shows us way more than one new side.

Throughout the course of the four-minute video, Ms. Swift appears in no less than 10 totally different costumes, all of which are based on various types of dance. With a range that runs from ballerina-off-duty to rap video backup dancer to Martha Graham disciple (and that's barely scratching the surface!), there's sure to be at least one look that resonates with your style. Find it in the slideshow above, where we've not only included every single one of Taylor's "Shake It Off" outfits, but shopped each one out!

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