WATCH: Taylor Swift Is Having A Tough Time Keeping Her New Album A Secret

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This Monday, August 18 at 5 pm EST, Taylor Alison Swift is going to “Beyoncé” an entirely new album—or at least that’s what her appearance on yesterday’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon lead us to believe. Last night, Fallon grilled the 24-year-old songstress on her mysterious Yahoo livestream, set to air in just four days. Like the Gretchen Weiners that she is (secrets; hair), Swift didn’t budge.

“You can stream anything these days,” said Swift diplomatically. “If you’re talking about in sweeping generalities, you can stream anything.”

Fallon came back at her with, “You could stream like, you have a new album coming out, maybe.” Cue audience applause. “You could stream that maybe you’re going to ‘Beyoncé’ an album and just pop it out?”

Now, here’s where Swift got really squirmish: “I don’t know if I were to really just 'pop' one out.”

Let’s bring in a body language expert to tell us what we already know: it’s happening, it’s happening! My God, it’s happening! Probably. Maybe. Watch Swift give it all away in the second part of her interview:

But, the fun’s not over yet! Before their conversation turned business-related, Swift confessed that her current obsession with crafts goes back to her childhood days. In the ‘90s, she obtained a gnarly glue gun scar while building a popsicle stick castle.

And last but certainly not least, Swift played a perfectly awkward tween, Natalie, in a brand-new episode of Fallon’s “Ew!”. Natalie has a Band-Aid collection, and hasn’t been allowed to watch TV “since Miley Cyrus twerked.” Her commitment to detail was really quite impressive.

Taylor Swift, you win the internet today. Let’s just all go home.


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