"You Bought That Where?!": Seven Totally Unexpected Places To Find Your Next Great Buy

The Kids' Section: J.Crew Crewcuts

Our social media director tipped me off to the stash of goodies in J.Crew's juniors section recently, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The jewelry is girly, but the small size means it's more subtle than wearing, say, a whopping statement necklace. Plus, with adjustable chains, most of the necklaces can hang longer than a choker ("princess" length, to be more precise).

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Associate Digital Features Editor

Whether it's Nordstrom, Nasty Gal or Net-A-Porter, we all have our favorite places to get our retail fix, but sometimes the coolest stuff—the stuff that none of your friends have—comes from stores or retail sections you might not even think to step foot in.

Nowadays, even if you aren't a hardcore shopper, it's safe to say you've perused Etsy and eBay once or twice, and perhaps even scoured your local thrift store, so you'd be forgiven for thinking you've left no sartorial stone uncovered. But with a bit of imagination, there are still riches to be plumbed from unexpected sources, whether it's a department store floor you might otherwise skip or an outfitter that offers authentic versions of "inspired" designer duds. Click through the slideshow above for seven creative places to shop for surprisingly stylish finds.

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