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You've mastered the mall, the boutique scene, your local thrift store and the world of fashion e-commerce—what's next? Click through for off-the-beaten-track ideas for your next shopping score.
The Kids' Section: J.Crew Crewcuts
Our social media director tipped me off to the stash of goodies in J.Crew's juniors section recently, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The jewelry is girly, but the small size means it's more subtle than wearing, say, a whopping statement necklace. Plus, with adjustable chains, most of the necklaces can hang longer than a choker ("princess" length, to be more precise).
The Kids' Section: COS Kids
Another store that does great children's baubles is COS, which is arriving stateside soon. These hair clips look like the kind of thing Consuelo Castiglioni might put on the Marni runway, and the fabric-covered necklace is a rare affordable (and adorable) find for anyone with skin that's sensitive to cheap metals.
The Kids' Section: Ralph Lauren Boys
Petite girls, this one's for you: I've loved this blazer with its brassy buttons, cropped sleeves and perfectly shrunken fit ever since Ashley Olsen wore it to the US Open back in 2007 (Hi, my name is Hilary, and I'm a recovering Olsen superfan). Alas, I'm about six inches too tall to even try pulling it off, but I'd love to see more girls giving it a whirl. With destroyed denim and a white button-up, the look is all grown up—and same goes for the classic cable knit sweater, which goes for $150 less in the kids' section (womenswear does tend to be discounted more often, however, so keep that in mind).
Uniforms: Army/Navy Surplus
More brassy buttons! And go-with-anything olive green! Local military surplus stores are usually stuffed to the brims, and can be a goldmine of sturdy jackets, slouchy cargo pants and pouch-laden vintage leather belts. Styled right (and tailored, when appropriate), these pieces often look even better than the military-inspired designer goods that seem to dominate the runways every season or two.
Uniforms: Dress Code Duds
This might be a tough one to swallow if you spent your childhood dreading your daily uniform (I feel you), but think of it as an excuse to break all the rules that once governed everything you wore. Again, however, it's all in the styling. Leave the knee socks and oxfords at home and opt for slick pointed-toe boots, lest you be confused for a truant teen.
Uniforms: Workwear
Jumpsuits have officially made it as a mainstream closet staple, but the utilitarian coveralls that came before have an all-American appeal that you can't find at Barneys or Zara. Hat tip to Lucky's own style editor Laurel Pantin, who rocks an authentic mechanic's jumpsuit on the regular. Word to the wise, though? Avoid buying yours in orange.
Menswear: Classic Staples
So many stylish women swear by some menswear staple or another that it almost feels too obvious to include, but there are some guidelines to finding the right pieces to "borrow from the boys," as they say. Purposefully roomy pieces like cashmere sweaters and oversized button-downs are easy swaps, but also look out for accessories (socks are often cheaper; bags are often sturdier) and basics like tees and tanks.