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Want to have a little fun with your homeroom style without racking up the dress code demerits? Click through for accessories and ideas guaranteed to jazz up your plain old school uniform.
A Backpack
This one's practically a no-brainer. Everyone needs one, and no school (that I know of, at least) is going to knock you for choosing a pack with a bit of flair. Plus, since they're the bag of the moment, there's never been a better selection
Another practical staple that gives you free rein to have a little fun, glasses have come a long way from being a bullseye for bullies. And even if prescription frames aren't your thing, a pair of fun sunnies will spice up your schoolbus ensemble, guaranteed.
My school mandated we wear black oxfords, so there wasn't much wiggle room in that area, but I wonder if a subtle gold chain detail, like the one on the shoe at left, might have squeaked by. For those of you who need only wear neutral colored and close-toed, I envy you. There are endless options out there if you get a little creative.
Hair Accessories
I've already told you about my penchant for headbands, and I have no doubt I'd try to get away with this adorably subversive one if I had the chance. For the more rule-abiding, choose bands and pins in more subdued shades that add interest with texture or subtle detailing.
Interesting Extras
Whether you turn your tie into a canvas for badges and pins or opt for a cuter pair of earbuds than the standard-issue white, school is filled with little opportunities to choose accessories that will brighten up your day.
Whether you opt for a classic good-girl look and a fanciful, free-spirited style, braids are your best friend when it comes to keeping your hair interesting and out of your face. Here are a few techniques and ideas to get you started.