Everyone Forgot To Put On Pants At The 2014 VMAs

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The single biggest trend on last night's VMA red carpet? Rampant pantslessness. From Taylor Swift to Ariana Grande to Beyoncé, click through to see which stars forgot to put on bottoms.

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Heading into this year's VMAs, MTV producers had their work cut out for them. Last year's infamous Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke twerk-a-thon spawned millions of tweets and GIFs, as you no doubt remember, and was the talk of the pop cultural collective for days—months—following the telecast. MTV couldn't have asked for a better publicity stunt—so how could they possibly outdo themselves for 2014? Simple: by implementing a dress code that forbade pants, thereby forcing most of the night's star attendees to go bottomless.

OK, so I'm joking. But in all seriousness, what was up with the rampant pantslessness last night? It's common practice for singers to perform in bodysuits and leotards, I guess, but the leggy looks extended beyond the stage to the red carpet this year. So what gives? Is this just another example of life imitating art? A nod to the balmy California weather? A sign that bare thighs are about to become the new bare midriffs (although as you'll see above, there were some exposed abs in the mix, too)?

Please, don't let it be that last one. Click through above to peep the bevy of pantsless looks from last night's MTV VMAs. Are you on board with stars stepping out sans bottoms?

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