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White-on-white works well beyond the tennis court. Click through to try the look at work, on the weekend and beyond!
For A Cocktail Party
It's pretty hard to go wrong if you pair a white minidress with matching pumps. Because we've still got a few weeks of summer left to savor, I finished the look with a raffia purse, but a coordinating box clutch would work just as well for fall and winter.
For The Gym
Even if your workout doesn't consist of hitting neon balls with a racket, there's plenty of color-free activewear out there. If you throw on an anorak after exercising, the whole ensemble will instantly feel very urban and cool, like something from a DKNY runway show.
For Weekend Fun
Basically, you want to take your usual Saturday uniform and make it white. That'll instantly refresh the outfit without sacrificing any comfort.
For The Office
This one is much easier than you'd think: simply swap your go-to black trousers or skirt for a white version and you're done. If you'd rather not do heels, a menswear-inspired loafer goes just as well.
For A White Tie Affair
Because white gowns easily bleed into bridal territory, it's important to avoid princessy silhouettes, or anything with a train. Unexpected touches, like a moto jacket or bold spiky earrings, will also shake up the look.