365 Days Of Style: How To Master The Year-Round Wardrobe

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These six handy tips will help you to gradually build a carefully curated and timeless closet that will work regardless of the season. Click through to start building your year-round wardrobe now!

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Unless you are one of the lucky ones who live in a region that experiences little to no seasonal temperature shift, you probably have separate wardrobes for winter and summer. That's all fine and dandy—assuming you have the time, patience, and cash to stock up year after year on pieces that will keep you looking trendy and current.

For this reason, over the past couple of years I have tried to pare down my wardrobe into a collection of pieces that can worn season after season, year after year. And while I'd say it will always be an ongoing battle to stick to seasonless essentials, there are definitely a few helpful things to keep in mind so that you too can cheat the system and wear your favorite sweaters in the summer and tanks in the winter. Click through the above slideshow for tips on how to build your perfect year-round wardrobe!

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