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Former Lucky cover girl Zoe Saldana has certainly found her niche in big-budget sci-fi flicks—and considering the example she's setting for women everywhere, we think that's pretty darn awesome. Click through for a look back at her star-making outer-space screen roles.
Saldana's role as blue-skinned extraterrestrial huntress Neytiri made the most of Avatar's groundbreaking motion capture technology. She sprints along tree limbs, rides on the backs of flying mountain banshees and introduced the phrase "Make the bond!" to the general public. Props on that strong jewelry game, too.
Star Trek
While the role of Nyota Uhura didn't call for any bright body paint on Saldana's part (for once!), it did require her to learn to speak all three dialects of the Romulan language—or at least to act like she could. In J.J. Abrams' series, Uhura's linguistic proficiency earns her the trust of the Enterprise crew—as well as a career promotion or two. Get it, girl.
Guardians of the Galaxy
Green-skinned assassin Gamora betrays the terrifying Thanos—her adoptive father—to help Peter Quill and his ragtag group of Guardians save the planet Xandar from complete obliteration in Marvel Comics' newest superhero flick. Between busting out of an intergalactic jail and battling her own (admittedly twisted) sister, Saldana has some of her best fight scenes yet in this movie—and it's worth mentioning that the actress slipped into character solely via makeup and wardrobe, not CGI or motion capture.