One Of Fashion's Spunkiest Designers Is Launching Activewear!

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One of fashion's spunkiest ladies is launching activewear! Click through for our favorite looks from the new collection.

courtesy of Betsey Johnson Performance

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Over the past year, activewear has evolved way beyond something you wear for your 6AM spin class. On any given day of the week, it's likely you'll see women out and about in their workout attire buying groceries, grabbing coffee, or doing any other combination of activities that don't require you to wear, say, a ball gown or office attire.

Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that more and more brands are starting to venture into the activewear territory—the latest of which is none other than Betsey Johnson. Really, it's a bit of a no-brainer for Johnson—after all, she's known for her lively spirit and her ability to end her runway shows by casually doing the splits. Like the rest of her brand, the collection capture's Johnson's punkish attitude, while still being feminine and comfortable, which is truly the best combination for workout clothes, since the motivation has to come from somewhere!

The collection will be available to shop in stores and online in the coming weeks, but until then, we have a sneak peek of what to expect. Click through the slideshow to see our favorite looks from Betsey Johnson's upcoming activewear collection.

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