Beyoncé And Blue Ivy: All Their Adorable Mommy-And-Me Moments

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Too sweet for words!

Click through for more Instagram snaps of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy.

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It may be the first, sure-to-be-tiring day of New York Fashion Week—but thanks to Beyoncé's Instagram account, there's a wealth of cuteness to help combat that showgoing fatigue. Ever since the Royal Couple (aka Queen Bey and Jay Z) welcomed baby Blue Ivy into the world, the duo have shared intimate family photos, their top secret wedding video and even clips of Blue both during their On The Run tour, the "BeyMAs" and on social media.

In honor of Beyoncé's birthday today (Happy birthday, B!), click through the slideshow above to see all of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy's adorable mother-daughter moments—straight from the Instagram feed of the queen herself.

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