Coco Rocha Loves Manly Perfume, Gets Fashion Advice From Diane Von Furstenberg

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In a corner of a crowded party for Christian Siriano's first fragrance, Silhouette, Coco Rocha is considering her complicated history with perfume. "My first memory of perfume is what my mother wore: Coco Chanel, and Michael Kors," she tells me. "But as a kid, I hated it! Even when I got into my teens, I would rather smell like body lotion, that sweet scent. Now that I'm a sophisticated lady, though, I really do enjoy perfume."

Nearby a partygoer spritzs a Silhouette sample, and the air fills with an intoxicating, slightly musky scent. Rocha continues: "I like scents with more masculine notes. That's pretty much what [Christian Sirano's] done in this bottle. It makes me feel grown-up!"

Still, while Coco's taste in perfume has matured, don't label her as some sort of stodgy, play-it-safe adult. Be it with her hair, Instagram account or a campaign shoot, the model's not afraid to take risks and get silly. Keep reading for her thoughts on having fun with beauty, social media and photography—and a surprising fashion tip she learned from designer Diane von Furstenberg!

: You're always changing up your hair. Is there anything you'd never do?

Coco Rocha: No! Well, maybe I wouldn't shave my head, but you know, for the right opportunity… I think it's worth trying different things. When I cut my hair super-short last year, it wasn't something I'd thought of doing until I realized it's just hair! It will grow back! So I'll do anything. But things like tattoos? No, I'm not that risky.

How about taking chances on social media? Have you ever posted something you took down or regretted?

I can't think of one off the top of my head right now. I'm sure there's things, though, where I'd look back and think "what in the world would make me write that?!" But that's the thing about social media: you've got to be smart from the beginning. I think I'm pretty smart. I say my own opinions, but on the other hand, still consider what the general public is thinking at the time. You don't need to start a fight for no reason. James, my husband, and I definitely watch what I say. To me social media is a business, it's not necessarily for fun. Some days I wish I could turn it all off and walk away from it, but I can't. That's the business of [fashion] now.

Fair enough. So I know you used to be a competitive dancer. What's you're signature move at a party?

Probably an Irish dance move. For some reason when everyone's having a great time and drinking, they want me to roll out the Irish dance. So why not make them happy?

Besides dancing, you're always well known for your posing skills. What's the most universally flattering pose on film?

That's a hard question to answer! I'm all about being goofy. I don't care if I mess up in photos, especially these days, when we're not wasting film. [If it's bad] you just take another photo. A lot of women are always so self-conscious of how they look, think they have a "better side." You'll notice that they, particularly on their Instagram, only show that one side. I find that hilarious. Just have fun with it! You've not curing cancer.

I think you're amazing at making a "pretty ugly face." Any tips on pulling a crazy expression?

Thank you, I try! That same sort of thing—you just go with it! Have the confidence to realize you can look ugly once in a while.

Good advice! Speaking of advice, you're good friends with Diane von Furstenberg. What's the best thing she's ever taught you about fashion or beauty?

Well, she's the maker of the wrap dress, and once hilariously told me how to tie it in the perfect bow—and it's not even a bow! She just flips the two pieces one over the other, and that's it. So we're all doing it wrong—it's not supposed to be a bow. Just one, and two, [makes a tying motion at her hip] and that's it!

Wow, I've been doing it wrong my whole life!

Yeah, me too!

Last question: what's the best thing you've ever kept from a shoot?

I really can't think of anything! It's rare when I get to keep something from a shoot. I rarely ask for something from shoots, just because I know they have to use them somewhere else again. It's a bad attitude [to have], too. When models start asking for things, people don't like it.

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