NYFW Small Talk, Decoded: 19 Things Fashion People Love Discussing

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Leandra Medine and Miroslava Duma, via Michael Dumler

In the words of the fashion editor-voiced internet, there are but three unavoidable things in this world: 1) death, 2) taxes and 3) New York Fashion Week. With the official commencement of the latter eight-day affair set to take the Big Apple by storm in a matter of, oh, hours, we at Lucky are prepping for NYFW in every possible way. All our shopping is (for the most part) done and our calendar is slowly but surely getting organized. Last but certainly not least, however, is our conversational planning.

Whether you’re seated next to an unfamiliar face at Lincoln Center or show up to a Saturday night fête all by your lonesome (girl, we’ve all been there for that one), you need a certain number of talking points in your arsenal. I picked the brains of my fellow Lucky staffers and culled together this list of the 19 definitive things fashion people love discussing. Think of it this way: if you run out of conversation organically, just shout “CHIA SEEDS!!!!!!” at the top of your lungs, and you should be in the clear. Read on for your comprehensive guide to NYFW small talk.

1. Kale. It’s a thick, leafy vegetable commonly referred to as the “queen of greens” due to its health benefits and rich flavor. Beyoncé wore a “Kale” sweatshirt once; so did Rachel McAdams.

“I’m throwing kale into my morning protein smoothies now, and with the right amount of almond milk you can’t even taste it!”

2. Chia seeds. Among the most nutritious foods on the planet, this flowering plant is supposed to help control hunger, lower blood pressure and help keep you hydrated. They look slightly like bird droppings, yet are supposedly delicious.

“Have you tried chia pudding?”

3. How chia seeds are the new kale. The circle of life.

“Seriously. Ask Juice Press.”

4. Fresh flowers. Every blogger on the planet must have a $500/week budget for “blooms” that she then touts on Instagram throughout the week.

“I miss peony season already.”

5. ClassPass. For $99/month, take 10 workout classes of your choice—options include the zeitgeist-y likes of Flywheel, Bikram Yoga NYC and Pure Barre.

“When are they adding SoulCycle, though?”

6. Being busy. Fashion people have been humble-bragging about their busy, “crazy” schedules since before Anna Wintour took the reins at Vogue.

“Isn’t summer supposed to be slow?”

7. Their latest “nerdy” hobby. Nerds are cool now, guys. One glance at an editor’s Twitter feed, and you’ll learn she loves Game of Thrones as much as she adores NARS' Orgasm. See also: spoilers.

“That Lady Stoneheart omission was literally the worst.”

8. Eyebrows. Just call it the Cara Delevingne effect.

“I’ve been going to Sania [Sania’s Brow Bar] for six months and I still have to color my brows in with a pencil—what gives?!”

9. Whether or not they want to “chop [their] hair off.” Never before has a short-haired cut inspired such indecision as it did in 2014. Ninety percent of the Pinterest boards of fashion people contain an entire collection of “Haircut?!” pins.

“My hair grows so slowly, otherwise I’d just get a Karlie cut already and call it a day.”

10. Sleep apps. Everyone in fashion is an insomniac. Everyone knows she needs at least seven hours of sleep a night…but Netflix, you know?

“Are you using SleepCycle or Sleepbot these days?”

11. Juice cleanses. Dear lord, you know what this is about.

“I missed Jack’s Wife Freda fries way too much.”

12. Having no idea how to dress with the changing seasons. As September weather goes, some days are hot; others are cold. This is confusing.

“So, am I allowed to be wearing leather yet?”

13. Fancy New York City- or Los Angeles-based nail salons. Tenoverten and Paintbox in New York City; Olive & June in Los Angeles.

“I’m thinking about getting a Paintbox gel mani for my birthday.”

14. Fast fashion finds. These are articles of clothing or accessories bought from low-priced fashion retailers that move their designs from the runway to the store quickly. Some companies, like Zara, have attracted an impressive high fashion base.

“Where did you get that?” “[Lowers voice and mentions the likes of Forever 21, H&M or ASOS here.]” “No way.” “They actually have some great stuff if you dig.”

15. Flash Tattoos. They’re temporary tattoos inspired by jewelry that have a metallic sheen and have become as ubiquitous as Birkenstocks this summer.

“I’m so freaking over flash tats. Where did they come from all of a sudden?”

16. Their music festival of choice. If you’re a “laid-back” California-type, you’re a Coachella girl; if you’re all about jean shorts and Midwest things, you’re at Lollapalooza; and if you’re Poppy Delevingne, you’re at Burning Man.

“I’ve never been to Coachella, but honestly, I’m a little too scared of all the flower crowns to make the trip.”

17. Ibiza. Everyone—Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, etc.—went to the tiny Spanish island this summer, and there’s there’s a multitude of photographic evidence to prove it.

“If one more person posts a picture of herself in Ibiza, I swear to God…”

18. Culottes. This wide-legged cropped pant made a highly debated appearance during the Resort 2013 season. Fashion’s heavy hitters (our very own Eva Chen included!) haven’t been shy about expressing their general satisfaction or distaste of the trend.

“I’m not sure if they’re too 2004 or not but as long as they’re not, like, 100 percent cotton I’ll give them a try.”

19. Kim Kardashian. Everyone has a violently voiced opinion on her. Everyone.

“Wait, you played the Kim Kardashian game, too?!”


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