Here Are All The Photos From Lauren Conrad’s Impossibly Pretty Bridal Shower

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But of course Lauren Conrad's bridal shower was the most drop-dead gorgeous event of the year. Click through to see all the Instagram shots from her Sunday fête.
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Ever since Lauren Conrad made her thin-browed and spray-tanned debut on MTV in 2004, I knew this girl could do no wrong. Through her The Hills years and beyond, the now-28-year-old Conrad has proven that she really has her life in order. Now with a smiley, charming lifestyle website to call her own, she’s planning her upcoming wedding like the (approximately) $12 million boss she is.

We’ve been following Conrad’s nuptials news since she got engaged to law school graduate William Tell in October. A well-documented bachelorette party with her friends in Mexico occurred in June; then, she revealed her line of Paper Crown bridesmaid dresses just last week. Sunday played host to Conrad’s bridal shower, perhaps the girliest occasion we’ve seen since Elle Fanning’s princess-themed Sweet Sixteen.

While my invite must have gotten lost in the mail (again, Conrad?!), I followed along closely on Instagram and saw, well, pretty much exactly what I was expecting: heaps of pastels, florals, dainty china and customizable cocktail napkins (#TellMeYouLoveMe). Conrad herself didn’t look too shabby, either—and we were excited to see her The Hills-era headband make a comeback. Click through the slideshow above to feast your eyes on all the pretty Instagram photos from Lauren Conrad’s bridal shower.

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