Rodarte Designs An Exclusive—And Surprisingly Affordable!—Collection For The Zoe Report

Rodarte just designed an exclusive collection for The Zoe Report—and it's actually pretty affordable! Click through to shop it all now.

via The Zoe Report

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What do you get when you mix Rachel Zoe with Rodarte? Apparently, lots of sparkle and butterflies. You'll find an abundance of both in Kate and Laura Mulleavy's new collection for The Zoe Report's Zoe Collective collaboration series, just out today. Filled with heather grey graphic tees and charm bracelets, the whole line looks a bit like something you'd wear to grade school in the '90s—a look, according to the Mulleavy sisters, that's entirely intentional.

“Butterflies are fascinating and given that our FW14 collection was inspired by childhood nostalgia—and that we grew up near a famous Monarch migration spot—we wanted to include them as Swarovski Crystal jewelry pieces in the collection,” the pair stated in today's press release. And as for all the metallic accents? “We wanted to create shirts which were very bold and the metallic foil added to the graphic nature of the shirts.”

Click through the slideshow above to shop the full Rodarte x The Zoe Report line now!

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