An Open Letter to the CFDA from St. Valentine

To the Esteemed Members of the CFDA:

I do not believe we have formerly met in the past, although you have been occupying my thoughts and schedule for some years now. You may know my common name, St. Valentine. After martyrdom, I became the patron saint of courtly love. I'm also associated with The Plague, but that's kind of over now. Anyway, I have been at this for many centuries now. As you might be aware, my feast day and the day of my death is February 14th. Although traditions have changed over the years, this day is observed by many as a time to celebrate. These days, people all over the world choose to celebrate romance, love and friendship. Some send cards, some have romantic evenings and some get super-freaky. It's all fun.

It has come to my attention that New York becomes clogged with a "fashion" crowd. Gorgeous models, immaculate and absurdly dressed onlookers and the rest of the industry converge to watch each other. This is concerning since New York is usually one of my busiest spots. Year after year these people are forced to toil away and as a result find themselves unable to indulge in my holiday. They emerge from shows exhausted, worn out and incapacitated. For many, the thought of any strenuous activity seems impossible. You know what I call that? A shame, that's what I call it. For centuries I have been attempting to help some of these people in the romance department. Perhaps it will be a fling at a bar, an old flame rekindled or an everlasting love reaffirmed, but your persistence in scheduling keeps me from inspiring the fashion crowd.

Billions of people have told me that there is no force stronger than love or lust. But silly me, apparently New York Fashion Week holds more power than love. This has gone on far too long. To that end, I humbly ask you to please set your hearts free and reconsider for next year. Not since 1929's St. Valentine's Day Massacre have I been so perturbed.

My kindest regards,

St. Valentine

P.S. Can you hook me up with front row at Marc? Thanks.