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Elizabeth Lippman
How to buy a handbag.

Putting it together:

  • When shopping, wear the kind of clothes you'll typically have on with your bag. If you're looking for a bag to use in the summer, try it with a tank to be sure that it's comfortable against bare skin.

  • To get a sense of what a large bag will look and feel like in action, drop your own bag inside, so you're sure it won't lose its shape when it's full of your stuff.

  • Do a reality test: Walk with it squished under your arm, see if it tips over when you set it down, and undo the closures—one-handed and as quickly as possible.

  • Make sure you're getting what you paid for. Look for solid-feeling and sound-functioning hardware; pockets that open and close cleanly; and secure, even stitching.

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