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Test-drive happy brights in fresh shapes, like a tulip skirt. Offbeat details—like pairing a plaid blazer with argyle socks—make for a fun, non-stuffy take on PREPPY.
Turned out in a soft color, this is a feminine spin on an iconic sport jacket.
Short socks add whimsy to a pair of wedges.
What to add

· An upturned fedora adds a boyish touch.

· Palm Springs colors enliven these glitzy friendship bracelets.

· Loop it around your neck twice to add a little flair.

Tie-neck blouse? Check. Tweed jacket? Ditto. Go for exaggerated proportions—an oversize bow here, a cropped hemline there—to bring edginess to a look that's all LADY.
Cool gray counters the high-wattage lemon below.
A long tie doubles as a necklace, bringing the eye in and down—universally flattering.
What to add

· Quirky-girl sunglasses made even girlier by a soft pink.

· Pastels go punk with a cool, spiky design.

· An ironic take on a sweet little bow.
MINIMAL style requires a refined palette and streamlined cuts, but this season, include one really vibrant piece (hello, acid green skirt!).
This slick necklace breaks up the white-on-white color field.
Simple, architectural and strikingly chic.
What to add

· The ombré white frame gives them a futuristic feel.

· These earrings are handworked and pleasingly sleek.

· The cuff is totally neutral but graphic and bold.

Let a wild skirt be all the drama of the look, while a jean jacket and wristful of bangles keep it totally BOHEMIAN.
A woven bag heightens the earthy feel.
The graphic design keeps the outfit nicely polished.
What to add

· Punchy red stones that look straight from a bazaar.

· A no-frills belt that will only get better with age.

· Circle frames epitomize '60s John Lennon cool.
BOLD looks work best when you mix a neutral print with bright shades. To keep it from going over the top, stop the second you hit four colors.
A ladylike shape tempers the bright colors.
Dark wedges keep the look grounded.
What to add

· We love the simplicity of a single crystal globe.

· Like an '80s sports car, in the silhouette of sunglasses.

· Wear it right on your hairline to keep layers out of your face.