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Adjustable ties won't cut into the hips, and a halter cut brings extra lift.
Pear shaped
The stripes on top highlight the bust and draw attention upward.
Create curves with a cinch-waist belt and a steeply cut neckline.
Small busted
Intricately worked ruffles build up the chest without making it look padded.
Large busted
A top with full support (this line goes up to GG) minimizes cleavage.
Apple shaped
Spanx fabric has a vacuum-like effect, while white lines are slimming.
Bottom heavy
A halter top amps up the shoulders; boy-shorts provide good coverage.
Short legs
Create the illusion of longer legs with a high-cut bottom.
Long torso
A tank-like top and a high-waisted bottom make the torso look smaller.
Short torso
A dramatic V creates a nicely flattering and elongating silhouette.