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Wear it with a collared shirt (silky is best), a strapless or sheath dress, or make it formal with a blazer.

Bib Necklace
The perfect balance to a large bust.

Wear it with a motorcycle jacket, a turtleneck, a sheath dress, or a collared shirt (wear it in or out).

Fringe Earrings

Wear them with a collared shirt, a strapless dress, a blazer, a slouchy sweater, a camisole, or a sheath dress.

Chain-Link Necklace

Wear it with a collared shirt, a motorcycle jacket, a blazer, a cardigan, or keep the chain short with a slouchy sweater.

Fishnet Tights
Slimming on less-than-perfect legs.

Wear them with a sheath dress, a full skirt, or a pencil skirt (always knee length).

Corset Belt
Turns a boy shape into an hourglass.

Wear it with a sheath dress or a full skirt.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Wear them with a full skirt, a pencil skirt, or tailored shorts.

Glitter Oxfords

Wear them with tailored pants (roll up the cuffs), a full skirt, a maxiskirt, or tailored shorts.