How to Look Fashion-y When You’re Pregnant

Q: Truly, I need fashion answers (more specifically—HELP!) in every direction: I’m pregnant. I’m most perplexed by the maternity skirt. It is not a good thing …unless I’m missing some secret key element? Perhaps pregnant ladies should only wear the ever-loving hell out of their J Brand maternity jeggings (which I’ve been doing) and tight-in the-middle/loose-everywhere-else dresses? Getting dressed for work has become a daily chore.

Illustration by Lauren Friedman

A: The J Brand jegging is, rightly, your linchpin. What you need in the skirt department is the skirt version of the jegging: stretchy and lean. You can go with any length, but the key is no volume whatsoever. If you are feeling particularly flush, Rick Owens makes gorgeous, long, lean stretchy skirts in a variety of lengths. There are also great options from the maternity line Isabella Oliver, says executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. “I wore one of her skirts several times a week and just changed up the outfits with tops,” she said. “Everything else I had was from Destination Maternity or Kohl’s. It was all about the basic black stretch skirt or dress and adding interest with accessories (statement necklace) or beauty (spend a buck on a blowout or add a red lip).”

I myself wore a lot of stretchy black vintage slips when I was pregnant; people always thought they were Miu Miu. I wore them with close-fitting (own it, don’t hide it) T-shirts, sweaters or turtlenecks. Boots, heels or flats all work. The other option is an Empire-waist dress. Think Mia Farrow but … pregnant. And: Don’t buy too much—you will never want to look at your jeggings again after you have the baby and go back down to regular J Brand size (which you can accomplish especially speedily if you breast-feed, btw.).