how to: organize your stuff

Hanging clothes is the easy part. When it comes to closet organization, the bigger conundrum is what to do with that jumble of shoes, jewelry and handbags. Here, we'll show you creative storage solutions that let you flaunt your stuff or hide it all away.

showcase your favorite pairs

APOTHECARY GLASS CABINET Create a boutique-like atmosphere by arranging your shoes in a glass-doored hutch. To figure out how many shoes the cabinet can hold, assume each pair takes up about eight inches across—then do the math.MIXED SHELVES If you need more space, hit up a home-supply store, which can easily cut shelves for you. We love glass—it’s inexpensive but looks luxurious. Don’t forget to pick up spare pegs (bring existing ones with you so you can match the size) to place them on.

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hang your party heels like fine art

PHOTO LEDGES Typically used to display framed pictures, they can also be used to free up closet space and create an easy-access boudoir. Paint the ledges—and even the wall behind them—to define the area.

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compose a dreamy, romantic vanity

HOOKS Dangling from ornate hooks (or even clear pushpins), necklaces double as decoration. CANDY JARS AND PEDESTALS Whimsical, easy-access storage for bracelets and rings.

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display your most-worn pieces (and stash the rest!)

CUTLERY ORGANIZER Those long compartments are ideal for storing the necklaces and bracelets you only wear occasionally. SERVING TRAY An artful resting space for your everyday pieces. MINIATURE CANDLEHOLDERS An unexpected way to keep your rings in one spot.

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shelve your clutches, hang the rest

SHELVES To keep clutches in place, file them like books. Use sweater dividers to cordon off and protect bags made of delicate materials like satin (which can snag) and patent (which can dent and discolor). HOOKS To keep bags from sagging under their own weight and losing their shape (a danger when they’re left lying down), hang them from hooks affixed to the top of your storage space or unit.

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create a tidy and discreet shoe library

1. BOOKCASE Repurpose a standard open bookcase as a shoe rack. Make sure the shelves are at least a foot deep to accommodate the average shoe box. (Boot boxes are about twice that size and can be shelved sideways.)

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