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Q: Can I wear makeup to the beach or the pool? —Miranda

Eres Nail Polish in Bengale, Damas and Soufi, $25 each, 888-656-3737 for locations

A: Dear Miranda,
In general, no. In practice, waterproof mascara and undetectable concealer on only very serious breakout situations can be worn. But nothing with sparkle. Sparkle on a face—even lip gloss—in the bright glaring sun is just 
Las Vegas–parking-lot central. You’re showing the world practically all of your skin, so covering up a small portion of it just looks—very Las Vegas parking lot. If you’re feeling color—wishing for color, wishing for makeup, I say: pedicures! or manicures. With one of these three sexy, Eres-bathing-suit-matching shades from Eres. I especially love doing a pedicure while lounging by a pool. It makes me feel like life is very easy and sweet. To make it extra fun, give a pedicure* to whatever companions you may have with you—very convivial and sort of flirty, 
in a monkeys-grooming-each-other sort of way.
*By “give a pedicure” I mean “brush on nail polish.” Nothing involving files, etc.!

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