readers ask: dear lucky about day-to-evening dressing for a wedding

Q: The wedding I’m attending goes from day into night. How should I change up my look for the evening portion? —Evyn

A: Dear Evyn,
“Don’t all weddings kind of go from day to night?” asked executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. She has a point. In general, she explained, wear something that works for both. Certainly, no one’s expecting you to change. “If there’s a chance it could get cold—and don’t underestimate air-conditioning—you could do a colored wrap that’s not too fringy, or a sparkly cardigan,” she said. “I kind of like the sparkly cardigan better; it’s a little more original and festive, I think.” I, who am never not in a cardigan and have been ridiculed repeatedly by members of the fashion department for wearing one with black tie, feel vindicated—and anxious to purchase this sweater immediately. Bring eyeliner, mattifying wipes and lip item plus perfume in your bag, and your evening transition should be seamless. If there’s one thing a little perfume and lipcolor can do, it’s set a mood.

Cotton cardigan, $30,

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