Dear Lucky: How Do I Not "Glow" Through my Makeup?

Q: How do I not “glow” (sweat) through my makeup? —Kim

Laura Geller Dream Creams Concealer
& Highlighter Palette, $27,
Becca Cosmetics Beach Tint, $25,

A: Dear Kim,

The short answer if you’re really in a sweating situation is to wear less makeup. How to wear less and still feel confident in your skin? You use more concealer and less or no foundation. You use the concealer where you need it, and then you leave the skin alone. This Laura Geller palette looks like tawny eyeshadows, but it’s actually cream concealers in many shades, easy to mix into exactly your color, and they conceal … invisibly.

If you favor a bronziness, use tinted self-tanner or liquid/gel bronzer. Similarly, blush should be cream or gel—the idea is little or no texture or buildup on skin. Beach Tint from Becca is the prettiest, most universal color. Waterproof eye everything, and most important, if it’s a really sweaty situation, relax and just sweat. You’ll look glowy, human and prettier than you think.

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