Dear Lucky: What are some cool colors for tights this season?

Q: Every fall/winter, I swear I’m going to do better than just the plain black tights. What colors are cool? —Erin

Brandon is willing to freeze for the glamour of these Dolce & Gabbanas.

A: Dear Erin,

I am the same. But this year’s going to be different! Mainly because I walked into the Hermès showroom several days ago to see new perfume, and on my way to the perfume I saw … these gorgeous patterned tights. Right?? Cynthia Rowley makes great patterned tights; note to Liberty of London: Start making tights! In the meanwhile, I consulted Alexis. “Oh I’m such a tights person!” she exclaimed. Alexis is excited about gray tights for fall. Also cobalt blue—the season’s super–It Color. “I’m even one of those people who like white,” she said. “But tights are controversial.” Julia, for instance, will only wear black. And Brandon (our editor in chief) will not be caught dead in tights, no matter what the color and no matter what the weather. What did she do the day it snowed so much in Brooklyn that no one could dig the cars out, I asked. Brandon, stretching a tanned, un-hosieried leg out from behind her desk (featuring gobstoppingly glamorous Dolce & Gabbana platforms, natch), looked at me quizzically. “Pants,” she said. “I wore pants.”

She thought for a moment and relented, slightly. “The no-tight-wearing is a weird sort of laziness,” she said. “Sometimes it’s just easier to freeze. But I do wear them, in black. And I have a fantasy where I match jewel-tone tights from Fendi with my Marni boots ... ”

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