Dear Lucky: How Do I Avoid Getting Concealer Stuck in My Wrinkles

Q: I’ve started getting fine lines in my eye area, and my concealer gets stuck in the lines and looks horrible. How do I avoid this? (I put on eye cream before concealer, btw.) —Melissa

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A: Dear Melissa,

You are correct to go with eye cream; you could amp up your efforts with primer, which does a more intensive job of filling wrinkles and also works to help the concealer stay on (much of the reason concealer gets into wrinkles is that it slides away from where you originally put it). Unless of course you put the concealer on your wrinkles, which you should not do, ever. Dab the concealer (after the primer, or, if you prefer, a tinted eye cream usually billed as “eye brightener,” which I highly recommend because I like the brightening even more than the wrinkle-blurring) only where there is darkness that you want to cover up. Pat it lightly with your finger until it seamlessly blends in. This will take a minute, but do not rub, or you will simply be transporting the concealer away from the dark circle and into the wrinkles, which they will highlight. I have said this before, but I do think it is the most important makeup tip there is.