Dear Lucky: How Do I Make My Apartment Look Bigger?

Q: My apartment is … a closet, practically. How do I make it look bigger?—Elizabeth

A: Dear Elizabeth,

This is a near-universal problem. Even McMansion dwellers can use this advice: People like a little guidance when they walk in a room. Tell them where to look! Focus on something. Paint, new throw pillows, a blanket or a rug—all create insta-focus if they are in a great color you love. In small and large rooms all over the country, people with not enough time tell themselves they’ll decorate later, and leave everything beige. If you buy some gorgeous pillows ( is colorful-pillow heaven) for your sofa, you can still decorate later, but you’ll be happier in the meantime.

Or windows and doors: If you have a decent view—even just a bit of sky—paint your window frames black, and the view will seem 1,000 times larger. If not, get beautiful curtains ( is a font of them) and place the curtain rod a few inches above the window, so the window looks taller. Just like with fashion: Draw the eye upward! To gild the lily further, put a little something above a window or door. The starburst mirror, above, in the late Loulou de La Falaise’s country house, is perfect: Your eye goes up, up, up, into the chicness.