Dear Lucky: How Do I Make My Makeup Still Look Dewy In the Fall?

Q: How do I make my makeup still look dewy in the fall? —Devan

Nude ProGenius Oil, $78, Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, $62,

A: Dear Devan,

Always. Be. Moisturizing. (As they say in Glengarry Glen Ross.) Think more about skincare and less about makeup. Start with an oil—I love the all-organic, amazing one from Nude—when you first wake up. Smooth on moisturizer with SPF a little after that. Make sure your foundation (or tinted moisturizer) is super-hydrating—no powder or matte formulas. Same with concealer, blush and even eyeshadow: all dewy creams or gels.

When you get to that point during the day when you start to look or feel dry and exhausted, whip out the oil again, smooth a little on the tips of your fingers and pat on over your makeup—it will totally revivify you! You can also use moisturizer in a similar way, just make sure there are not too many exfoliating, anti-aging ingredients in it, or your makeup will ball up, streak and generally disintegrate.