Dear Lucky: How Do I Wear Bright or Dark Makeup in the Fall?

Q: How can I wear very bright/very dark makeup in the fall once my tan fades and I become really pale? —Tara

Bobbi Brown Blush in Pink Rose and Pretty Pink, $25 each, bobbibrown​.com.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Rubies Lipstickin Princely Plum, $8,

House of Exposure Lipstick in Helmut Red, $25,

Dior Rouge Dior in Hypnotique Red, $32,

A: Dear Tara,

The super-dark option is the easier of the two: Think Snow White, think Cruella de Ville, think Dita Von Teese, think Twilight/True Blood et al. Bright, on the other hand, is trickier with pale; it’s trickier in general, but pale especially. Bobbi Brown’s great blush trick, useful in many situations, is brilliant here: Use two blushes, a bright, plus a neutral brownish pink—something you imagine might be called “Cedar Rose.” Put the neutral on first, then pop a bit of the bright on top. It’s one of the best makeup tricks in existence, and it warms up your whole face, making it more bright-friendly all around.