Dear Lucky: How Do I Make My Manicure Last?

Q: How do I make a manicure last? I’m not a big fan of gel—I like a wider range of colors and textures. —Allison

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A: Dear Allison,

The key is a clean nail. Ideally, a just-swiped-with-nail-polish-remover nail. Often people conduct pedicures with all manner of oil-intensive scrubs and lotions. If even a bit of that moisture or, God forbid, oil is left on your nail, welcome to chipsville. Or peelsville, for that matter. The remover ensures there’s nothing at all left on your nail. If you are impatient like me, you will skip base coat, which is idiotic: It makes a huge difference. Similarly, you might skip the top coat like I always do—and like me, you’ll have a manicure that lasts three days max. Base coat, top coat and at least one but possibly several very thin layers of color in between, and you could be looking at 10 days, barring serious nail disasters. Also pale or sheer colors appear to chip less because … you can’t see the chips.