Dear Lucky: How Do I Make My Perfume Last?

Q: Often my scent barely makes it through the morning. How/where are you supposed to apply perfume? —Jenna

Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum, $225,

A: Dear Jenna,

I think you are actually asking me a different question, which is: How do I make my perfume last? Certain types of scents—citrus ones, especially—simply do not last, no matter what you do. Spicy, complex ones, like the incense-inflected one above, are the all-day-ers. Anything with oud, amber or patchouli super-lasts; grapefruit anything is beyond-fleeting. Florals are sort of in the middle. Perfume, the most concentrated, lasts longer than eau de toilette, and oils and solid fragrances last longer than spritzes or splashes.