Dear Lucky: How Do I Change Up My Look?

Q: I need a change! I’ve had long, lightly highlighted blonde hair since middle school. How do I change up my look (without a lot of extra maintenance)? —Dara

Dolce & Gabbana

A: Dear Dara,

Fool with it! That’s the joy of long hair: ponytail one day, messy topknot the next, Dolce & Gabbana–hair-accessory fabulousness (left) the next. You’re especially fortunate to be blonde—your hair will really feature whatever accessory you choose! Do braids, do waves, do stick-straight, do Bardot, slick it back. If the long, blonde hair suits you and you don’t mind the maintenance you currently do, stick with your style­—and experiment. Dramatic color changes, serious chops and even bangs are for moments when you’re hating your hair, or at the very least are really bored and wanting something totally new and different.