Dear Lucky: How Do I Find A Hostess Gift I Can Buy In Multiples?

Q: I need an impromptu hostess gift I can buy in multiples (no candles—I’ve beaten them to death)! —@TeresaCeragioli

Sorel Liqueur, $28,

Fanny at Chez Panisse, Alice Waters, $20, William Morrow Cookbooks,
harper​collins​.com for locations

Cotton T-shirts, $90 each, Saint James,

A: Dear @TeresaCeragioli,

You have hit upon my very favorite topic ever! I love to have a huge stack of only one fabulous thing that I plan to give everyone I know. In past years, the item has been a pair of brightly colored Corgi cashmere socks (corgihosiery​, not cheap, but utter luxury), a striped French fisherman’s T-shirt (Saint James is the classic), an exceptionally adorable Astier de Villatte ceramic cup…

Anything that’s something you really, really want for yourself probably says “you” very loudly and is probably an indulgence a person wouldn’t buy for themselves but would love to have. If you are feeling wildly unimaginative, it’s hard to go wrong with champagne or olive oil; this year I am in love with this liqueur from Brooklyn called Sorel that has a gorgeous bottle, is not too alcoholic and tastes like cinnamon/licorice mulled-wine spice.

Anne Keane likes to give several sets of Marimekko paper napkins: “They’re so pretty, you might not think to get them for yourself, and you’ll for-sure use them! There’s something noncommittal and nice about them being paper, in a few different patterns—and they’re always so bright and happy.”

For giftees with children, buy a big stack of the book/cookbook Fanny at Chez Panisse. It is illustrated with beyond-gorgeous watercolors, the recipes are easy and delicious, but most of all, the stories at the front of the book send every child—I mean every child—into an almost paralytic fugue of super-absorption and intense interest.