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Dear Lucky: How Do I Find the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for My Small Face?

Q: I have a small face, and regular sunglasses look huge on me! Do I have to shop the cheapie kids’ department? —Mara

A: Dear Mara,

“Baby Bans!” exclaimed accessories director Julia Kalachnikoff. “I used to wear them when I was a kid, and they still make them!” Julia must’ve had some good times back in the Baby Ban days; she was wildly enthusiastic. “I love them. They’re so cute!” Ray-Ban makes its aviators in even very small sizes, and they project the same cool as the regulars. It also makes smaller Wayfarers; Selima Optique makes kids’ glasses, and they are, of course, beyond fabulous (get them at crewcutkids.com).

Aviators, $70, Ray-Ban, sunglasshut.com

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