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Dear Lucky: Is it Better to Save Money on a Haircut or Color?

Q: Is it better to save money on a haircut or color? —Jennifer

A: Dear Jennifer,

Unless you have a really complex color situation, I vote for spending for the haircut, saving on the color. The level of fantasticness of at-home haircolor is high; the level of even very basic home-haircutting skills is incredibly low. Therefore, I say spending as much as you can on the cut is the more worth-it endeavor. A good haircutter will have some color advice for you if you ask (and they will probably not hold back if they are not loving your at-home handiwork). That said, if you’re a double-process blonde or a redhead with highlights, color over cut! Such situations are for the advanced only.

Haircuts, clockwise from top left: WWD/Steve Eichner. WWD/Kyle Ericksen. wenn.com. Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection. WWD/Steve Eichner (2).

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