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Dear Lucky: What Kind of Going-Out Shoes Should I Wear in Snowy Weather?

Q: Going out when it’s snowing: Do you wear snow boots and change into cute shoes? Or plan an outfit around chic leather boots? —@pjfeinstein

A: Dear @pjfeinstein,

I love a siege mentality; any sort of major weather is a good excuse to indulge in it! My personal strategy is to plan an outfit around clunky, crazy-looking snow boots; I think they allow for a shorter skirt than might normally be worn. The bigger the boots, the skinnier they make my legs look, or so I believe. But this is not your only option. The opposite—willfully ignoring snow, rain, etc.—is also very chic, like the pregnant, gorgeous socialite I once spied tottering down a snow-clogged street in spindly stilettoed sandals. Or people who wear white jeans when it pours outside: It’s like, “My vision of the world is more powerful than ... reality!” I love this sort of attitude. Or, says executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan: “If you want heels, something nice and not rubber, your only real option is patent leather—which can be very cute.”

Patent leather “Alexandrina” boots, $313, Plomo, plomoshoes​.com

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