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Dear Lucky: How Should I Tell Someone Their Eyelashes Are Too Long?

Q: What’s a polite way to tell a person their lashes are too long? —Molly

A: Dear Molly,

An overlong eyelash is somewhere between overlarge breast implants (which cost their owner significant time and money and would cost even more to remove) and, say, an over-enthusiastically applied slick of fuchsia lipstick: With the implants, the decent friend is obliged to bite her tongue, and with the lipstick, she’s obliged to whisper, “Wait a sec, hon, you need to blot your lips a little.” An eyelash is trimmed easily enough, but the effort required to make the eyelash too long in the first place (Latisse—which works so well people literally do have to trim their eyelashes, or eyelash extensions, or false lashes) usually involves enough effort and money that the person is probably intending them to look that way. Exclaiming over how long her lashes are will get you nowhere—it sounds like a rave, not a dis.

You could try something somebody’s mother might say, like “I can’t see your eyes through all the lashes!” But don’t.

Instead, you could focus on makeup: “Hold on, I think your mascara smudged onto your eye!” Repeated over the course of several weeks, it might get the lash-wearer to think twice. Trashing someone else’s way-too-long lashes might also work—just make sure said person is not super-hot-looking.

My best advice is to say nothing unless asked point blank. Or unless she looks truly insane and you really love her, in which case you say, “You know how much I love you, but those lashes look insane.”

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