Dear Lucky: Is There Such a Thing as Professional Makeup?

Q: I work in a super-conservative office. Is there such a thing as professional makeup? How creative can I get? —Susan

A: Dear Susan,

Don’t get creative. Look at any CEO or otherwise-high-ranking operative’s face in our nation: Do you notice makeup? You do not. To be sure, plenty of them are wearing makeup—none of it designed to be noticed. Sheer foundation, concealer where needed, unclumpy, clean mascara, neutral blush and lips. “Professional” makeup is you but a little more defined, a little more awake. That’s it. No crazy colors! No sexy! No creative!



Images, from left: Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo; Alessandro Della Valle/EPA/Newscom. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook; McMullan Co/Sipa/Newscom.