Dear Lucky: Conditioner is Making my Fine Hair Limp, What Should I Do?

Q: Too much conditioner makes my long, fine hair limp. How do I deal with it when I’m just out of the shower and want to brush it without breaking it? —Natasha

A: Dear Natasha,
The previous model of volumizing involved as little conditioner as possible, followed by stiffening volume sprays that flattened quickly because of the way they left hair brittle. Paradigm shift: Style with new products that volumize by depositing tiny bits of polymer between each strand of hair. No brittleness, so the volume is much longer lasting, decidedly silkier and much more flexible. The blowout spray from John Frieda works on wet hair; the paste from Living Proof goes on once your hair’s dry. This new-style volume allows for more conditioner: The light—but major—leave-in from Moroccanoil is perfect; concentrate on ends as you comb it through.

Clockwise from left: Cricket Ultraclean Big Time Comb, $4,  John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray, $10, drugstores. Moroccanoil Treatment Light, $41, moroccanoil​.com for salons. Living Proof Amp2 Instant Texture Volumizer, $24,

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