Dear Lucky: How Do I Know if I Can Pull Off Bangs Before Getting Them Cut?

Q: I’m thinking about getting bangs. Is there a way to figure out if they’ll look good?­ —Laura

A: Dear Laura,
Yes—in fact there are so many that you may never actually get the bangs, so fun is the researching part. On dailymakeover​.com, you upload a photo of yourself (or use a picture of a model who shares your face shape) and try on different hairstyles. They have several bang options (though no glamorous Jane Birkin, above, who is the ultimate bangs-wearer of all time), and you can paste them right onto the image of your face. It also has a free mobile try-on app in the iTunes store (as do and where you can change your hair and makeup on photos you’ve uploaded. Similarly, allows you to click on images of different celebrities to see how your face looks with their hair (they have a vast famous-person selection, from Jessica Alba to Jennifer Hudson to Snooki). Many celebrities get bang extensions—a track of hair that clips in and seriously looks natural—which are a way to truly try on the look before you go all in. Ken Paves (famously the hairdresser/BFF of Jessica Simpson) makes great, very affordable ones (at

Image: Jacques Haillot/Apis/Sygma/Corbis

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