Dear Lucky: What Shouts "Black Miniskirt" without Actually Being One?

Q: No matter what I put on, my boyfriend says, “That’s nice, but what about your black miniskirt?” What shouts “black miniskirt” without actually being one? —Sophie

A: Dear Sophie,
Fashion director Anne Keane took precisely three seconds to answer this one. “Fit-and-flare!” she enthused. “A fit-and-flare skirt gives you the sexy feeling of a mini with a little more coverage, but it’s still girly and bouncy and sexy, and it still hugs your hips and can be used to accentuate your waist.” Anne likes them in black or a color. “It’s kind of Alaïa?” I said, attempting to sound knowledgeable. “It’s very Alaïa,” she agreed, raising an eyebrow. “And the fact that it gives you more length makes it more appropriate for many more situations.” A.k.a work, or even a date, where the tiny black mini might scream, “LOVE ME! PLEASE!” just a little too loudly.

Wool-blend sweater, 
$18, Rayon skirt, $385, A.L.C. 
Select Neiman Marcus, 800-365-7989. Necklace, $315, jenedespain​.com.

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