Dear Lucky: What Do I Wear to Meet-the-Parents?

Q: I need a chic meet-the-parents outfit. —Alexa

Dear Alexa,

“A little black—or, better, navy—dress with just a hint of embellishment is kind of … the answer to everything, including meeting the parents,” says fashion director Anne Keane. “Obviously, nothing low-cut, or short, or anything that goes in any sort of weird direction. A dress with a pleated skirt is perfect.”

I realize, writing this, that I myself possess a navy silk pleated-skirt Vera Wang dress that I wear so constantly that I’ve had to have it repaired several times. (Having to have something repaired can be a mark of poor quality; in this case, it is the mark of such a good design that I’ve worn it quite literally to death.)


Kate Middleton, the reigning parent-meeting champion, showing the rest of us how it’s done. Courtesy of Getty Images.


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