Dear Lucky: How Do I Wear Flats, Oxfords and Low Heels?

Q: I’m seeing a lot of flats, oxfords and low heels. Hooray! Now how do I wear them? What goes with what?—Simone

Classic Ballet Flats:

Their tasteful, pretty shape goes with everything, says Anne Keane. Above, they de-sexy-ify a slim striped miniskirt. “Imagine that skirt with wedges or heels,” says Anne. “You’d look trashy. The ballet flats make it demure and cute.” The skinny-skinny jeans above would swerve quickly into Real Housewives territory if paired with heels (nude platform pumps, I’m talking to you!). With ballet flats, however, they are super-adorable Natalie Portman material. We’ve shown the jeans worn longish, but they’d look just as cute cropped, btw.


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