Dear Lucky: What Does the Perfect Purse Contain?

Q: I have too much clutter. What does the perfect purse contain? —Christine

Dear Christine,

At right, you see the perfect purse. Sofia Coppola designed it for Louis Vuitton. It is—would be—perfect for me because it just allows for my papers and magazines, without being so roomy that I’m tempted to throw in tons of extras. Your perfect purse, similarly, should fit just a little more than you need, but only just. Like the Sofia bag, the perfect purse has interior pockets, some of them zippered.

  • Colorful zippered cases in fabric or leather to put inside the bag will make your life simple and satisfying and easier than you ever thought possible.
  • Zip your keys into a case to make them easier to find and less able to slowly shred everything else in your bag the way keys do. Your makeup
    bag should contain concealer, an infallible lip, a bit of moisturizer (doubles as hair cream in case of errant frizz), a thin black eyeliner and mints. Add any item that makes you feel pretty: perfume, BB cream, hair ties … whatever it is, put it in. But no heavy items—decant into mini plastic bottles if you must.
  • Your wallet can also be your card case, but if you do business in Japan, you will definitely need an actual card case. Make it bright and pretty.
  • Your phone goes in a convenient, findable pocket; the awful earphones on a string (or other awkward way to distance your head from your phone) go into yet another case, plus a working pen or two with firmly attached caps.


Calfskin “Sofia Coppola” bag, $4,650, Louis Vuitton, 866-884-8866 for locations



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